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One warning about using images and videos from the web.  Just because you can find something in a Google search does not mean that it is free for you to use. If you use a photo, image or video that is copyrighted by someone else (and everything that is published online is copyrighted by the way) without their express permission or license, you run the risk of your video being pulled off the SingSnap servers in the event we get a take down notice by the owner.  This will happen with no notice, so be aware of that.

With that said, there are plenty of places you can get royalty free images or videos for little to no money.  Here are just a few that I have used and enjoyed (please be sure to review any License links or Terms of Use that these users provide as some may require you to give credit information on your page which you can do in your Recording Information area):


Beachfront B-Roll – an amazing collection of video clips of all kinds.

free-video-footage – some fun professional clips as well as audio and photos. – some really nice video loops in different categories.

Public Domain Comedy – old comedy bits from television shows that are in the public domain. Please note that they are in Quicktime format and if your video does not support Quicktime, you’d have to convert it when you down load it to wmv or mov format.

videvo – Some really nice graphical videos including countdowns. Again, if you have a software that does not support Quicktime, you will need to convert the video.


Stock Photos For – Amazing graphics and images you can use for overlays and backgrounds.

FREEIMAGES – really beautiful images. Be sure to read their Terms of Use and use their text link credit line in your comment section.

StockFreeImages – searchable database with thousands of free images.  Each image comes with its own credit line, so be sure to copy and paste that into your images credits.

stock.xchng – lots of great images that are searchable by keyword.  Some of the images require credit lines, so be sure to check the Availability information and use the credit line if required.

These are just a few sites out there that offer free videos and images, so if you don’t find something right away, do a google search for free images, but be sure to read their terms of use and licensing agreements.  Obviously, any images that you personally own are perfectly all right to use as well.

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