About The Screeching Cat

Annie McFadden


The Screeching Cat is my blog for all things karaoke, music, singing and of course SingSnap. My name is Annie McFadden, and I am a music lover and am karaoke obsessed. I am an active participant on SingSnap.com and as the name of this blog suggests, while I love singing, my own talents are quite limited.

I have over 5 years experience on SingSnap as a member, and over 4 as a staff member. I’ve filled many roles, and am currently the manager of member services as well as the marketing manager. I will attempt to answer any and all comments you leave for me here, but the quickest way to help on SingSnap is to click the HELP tab on SingSnap as it has a lot of quick and easy information and direct access to our amazing support team.

This blog will house a lot of content on general music information, singing tips (even if they don’t help me, maybe they’ll help someone else), news updates on SingSnap.com, and some tips and tricks for a variety of SingSnap related activities.

As a new blog, I’m in desperate need of great content ideas, so feel free to email me at annie@screechingcat.com with your suggestions on articles you’d like to see.  I’ll be updating the blog regularly, so if you want to make sure not to miss anything, sign up for the RSS feed, or better yet, sign up for my email updates.

Comments here are moderated…just so you know.  Comments that are off topic or contain vulgarity, hate or spam will not be approved.  I want this blog to be a place of information, support and community, so let’s play nice!

I hope you have a great time here!

Annie McFadden