Commenting Etiquette

There is an art and an etiquette to commenting that you should be aware of so that your efforts have a bigger return.  After all, your time is precious, and others are equally strapped for time, so the more engaging your comments are the likelihood of getting a return visit is that much higher.

DON’T leave a link to one of your own songs.

This is considered bad form, and a form of self-promotion that is universally unwelcome.  This is like going to someone’s concert and trying to sell your own CD.  My recommendation: Don’t do it.  Not only will the member whose song you left the link on likely not visit you, but others who see your link are likely to think you are a shameless self promoter and will likely not visit you either.  It’s a waste of your time for the very, very few returns you will get.

DON’T leave a big shiny or flashing graphic.

Leaving a big shiny graphic in place of a thoughtful comment is also frowned upon by many.  The fact is that these graphics can be hard on the eyes, especially if they have any moving bits.  They can also interfere with the download of the song page for those with older computers or slower connections.

People often doubt whether you even listened to the song, or are simply leaving your calling card so to speak.  This doesn’t encourage them to check you out, but they are more likely than not to just delete your comment so they don’t have to see it flashing on their page every time they look at their Comments.

DON’T leave generic comments.

Lastly, generic comments (what are referred to as Copy and Paste comments) are also annoying to a member looking for the same thing you are…recognition and a feeling of good will.

*There are legitimate physical reasons someone may leave generic comments like this, such as severe arthritis or carpal tunnel, etc.  Those of us receiving these types of comments should keep this in mind, and give the benefit of the doubt.

DO be genuine and supportive.

You are much more likely to receive a return visit from someone you’ve left a comment for if you are genuine and supportive in your commenting. You don’t have to lie and say that it was an amazing performance, if in your opinion it wasn’t. It doesn’t mean that you have to give a critique of everything they did wrong.

Remember that most people who make a song public are people just like you with feelings, dreams and hopes. They sing because it makes them feel good and happy. They put themselves into all their songs.  Don’t dash that with a negative response. Leaving a positive acknowledgement of something you DID like about the performance is better by far. If you really can’t find anything positive to say, the best bet is to just move on.