SingSnap Member Profile: Indy_Rosser

SingSnap Member Indy Rosser

SingSnap Member Indy_Rosser

Indy_Rosser   The name evokes images of an adventurous archaeologist hunting for treasure, defeating the evil henchmen and saving the damsel in distress.  Outside the world of cinema however, our own Indy is actually a poetry-reciting, singing, truck driver; hauling essential products to and from farms and quarries across the great expanse of the wonderful land of Oz, otherwise known as Australia.

Indy was born in Papua New Guinea, a country occupying the Eastern half of the island of New Guinea off the Northeast tip of Australia, and his family history there goes back generations.   The cultural diversity of the country, including being raised on 6 of the country’s 850 languages, helped to shape the way he interacts with the world.  As he explains, “It is language that gives us the words to form concepts, feelings and ideas and helps us give shape to our thoughts and expression.  It binds us culturally and socially”.

“Whether I get 1000 comments or none, it doesn’t make me one iota of a better singer.  We just have to keep that in perspective”. ~Indy_Rosser

After time spent in boarding school and a stint in the military, Indy took up driving big rigs as his occupation.  Indy spends the great deal of his time on the road and says he can go an entire day without seeing another vehicle or human being.  While some people, including Indy, are quite comfortable in their own company and may find the solitude peaceful, it can still get “bloody boring”.

Hauling grains and farm products has, in time, caused Indy to build up an intolerance and he quotes from Celtic Thunder’s “Working Man”; “…and the coal dust lies heavy on your lungs”.  While Indy does wear disposable masks while loading and tipping off his goods, they are not 100% effective.  Over the years, he has developed a cough from all of the grain dust.  He admits he also smoked heavily for many years, but he has been a non-smoker since shortly after joining SingSnap.

Indy_Rosser's Rig

Indy_Rosser’s Rig

While driving his rig has been his main source of income over the years, upon discovering karaoke, he did purchase some commercial-grade karaoke equipment and tracks and did some part time KJ’ing for a while.  He discovered that he actually enjoyed listening to other people sing more than he enjoyed singing himself, and he loves to sing, so that’s saying a lot!  He says that having had that experience helps him appreciate the high cost of buying individual tracks and paying royalties and why he is so supportive of the site in a lot of ways.

Not long after purchasing the equipment, his job description changed and he found he no longer had time to do shows.  Shortly after this, he discovered SingSnap online karaoke and he has been a part of the community since the day after Christmas of 2009.

As mentioned, Indy loves to sing.  He says that he sings for the fun of it, but more importantly and seriously, it helps him by forcing him to breathe deeply and release some of the junk in his lungs and help prolong his life.

Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings
Photo Source: Wikipedia (modified)

His passion is old country, and he is a huge fan of Waylon Jennings and sings all the Waylon he can get his hands on.  His voice falls within the same octave as Waylon’s, but he doesn’t try to emulate him, but make the song his own as much as possible.

For him, in those 3 minutes or so of a song, he is in that song.  He is the story teller telling his tale.  As an example of what he means, he recites completely from memory, “The Man from Ironbark” by famed Australian poet Banjo Paterson.  To hear Indy recite this poem is to be transported to the crazy events taking place, and one has to wonder if Indy might have missed his calling as a stage actor.

Indy explains that SingSnap provides him with a bit of sanity.  Sitting in the truck toddling about the countryside would bore him out of his mind if he didn’t have SingSnap or something to occupy his time.  He is also an avid Ham Radio hobbyist and is a bit of a computer geek dabbling in Linux.

“To come on the site, one must have some sort of compulsion to perform in front of people and have to have some sort of ego.  Otherwise what we’d do is come on and record songs just for our own benefit and keep ‘em private.  But we don’t, so we all have an ego as much as people want to deny it, which is fine as long as you keep that ego in check and not take yourself too seriously”.

Indy feels that if you are singing for comments, you are doing it for the wrong reason.  He explains, “Whether I get 1000 comments or none, it doesn’t make me one iota of a better singer.  We just have to keep that in perspective”.  He goes on to say, “While there are some amazing, fabulous, magnificent singers who could be commercially successful, the vast majority of us do karaoke on SingSnap as an outlet, not because we’re that good.  I’m not good.  I’m a truck driver.  If I were really that good, I’d be in Nashville”.

SingSnap Member Indy Rosser

SingSnap Member Indy_Rosser after an oil mishap.

I show the green sponsor nic, not to show that I am a sponsor, but to encourage other people to sponsor.  I believe in it so strongly.  Some, I sponsor because they are great singers and we should have more opportunity to hear them.  Not so they have better opportunity to sing more necessarily, or to make them think I’m a good bloke, but to give us more opportunity to hear them.  It’s selfish!”

According to Indy, he sponsors people from all sorts of abilities, age groups, and gender.  Something compels him to do it when he does.  “It has merit in doing it, so I do it.  End of story.  I’m a huge believer in sponsorship if you can afford it.  I gain far, far more from each and every sponsorship I do than the people receiving that sponsorship”.

Speaking personally for a moment, to know Indy is to love him. He’s an extremely generous spirit who rolls across the land committed to his passion to sing and celebrating and encouraging others’.  If you get a chance, please go to his pages and listen to that deep voice, close your eyes and transport yourself to another time; a time of cowboy campfires, open ranges and the universal and ageless theme of love and love lost.

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10 thoughts on “SingSnap Member Profile: Indy_Rosser

  1. Indy is ABSOLUTELY the embodiment of the spirit of Singsnap, and I’m proud to call him friend, and his adopted little sister! Haha!! What a lovely read. To know Indy is to ADORE him, he is such a sweet soul, and this article captured his essence brilliantly! Love ya, Indy!! XOXOXOX

  2. I just happened to be stopped (after a bit of a sleep) and I read this, AND GinaMarie’s comment!

    Thank you both! I am overwhelmed, lemme tell you!

    Of course, as I am about to start driving again , I may not be able to respond again, but thank you soo much, and to anybody else

  3. Indy is a true spirit. He is a man you can truly call “friend”. Larry and I love him like a brother, eventhough we have never met him face to face. We often talk about someday making a trip to Australia to spend time and make memories with “our brother”.

    Indy, we love you and admire you. We hold you close to our hearts. Your friendship is cherished deeply, and it is truly an honor to call you “brother”.

    Larry & Jenni

  4. I loveeee Indy! Anyone who has ever met him, has to love him. He is such a wonderful person. I met Indy in our little chatroom. He graced us with his voice and his funny personality. I love his attitude, his personality, his generosity, and his selflessness. Don’t ever change whatever you do! Thank you so much for being my friend 🙂 x


    • Awwwwwwww you people are wayyyyyyy too kind to me!

      To Larry and Jenni – well, Jenni, I dead set adore you and your old man is a great bloke and I am fixin’ to catch up with you pair when I get over there!!!!!

      Sherry? YOU, and Vella and a couple of others were the reason I STAYED on the site after a few weeks! I seriously felt that I didn’t deserve to be here ….. but you made me sooo welcome!

      I thank y;all.

      I have had a great week or two! This very generously written article, the wonderful comments and support from y’all, and my son coming back into my life after many years, bringing me a new daughter in law to be, whom I just adore, a brand new, gorgeous grand daughter.

      I am feeling really blessed!

      Annie tells me that she just wrote what I had told her when she originally asked me about myself, but she has written this in such a way that the boring things I had to say now sound exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Annie!

  5. I loveeee Indy! Anyone who has ever met him, has to love him. He is such a wonderful person. I met Indy in our little chatroom. He graced us with his voice and his funny personality. I love his attitude, his personality, his generosity, and his selflessness. Don’t ever change whatever you do! Thank you so much for being my friend 🙂 x


  6. Indy is the best of the best of the best! ❤

    Absolutely one of the most incredible human beings to have graced this earth!

  7. Indy, in my opinion, has a wonderful voice, even though he downplays that all of the time. He is not only a super vocalist, but he is also a solid friend. Here I am in the U.S. and Indy is in Australia, but we have talked on the phone a few times. He is a very down to earth man, who has a heart of gold. Indy and I have done a number of “man duets”, and we have a blast doing them. He is a wonderful man and a great friend, well-deserving of the object of your focus today. He has definitely earned it!!!


  8. WOW !! I love this site and the story about “OUR INDY” was fantastic ! SO glad I decided to prowl around SS tonight ! Well..Ive known Indy since I first joined SS and hes all the above mentioned..and then some..and..he’s one truly funny intelligent sweet and d’lish man ta Im honored to call my friend !!! Oh..and Annie ? Youre awesome to say the least !!!!

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