5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With SingSnap

SingSnap Exposed

Photo CredIt: Annie McFadden

You already know that SingSnap is THE online place to sing great karaoke.  It’s pretty easy to figure out that you can sing, record and share your recordings, but I bet you didn’t know that there are some key features that can help you get even more out of your SingSnap experience.

1. Search or Sort Your Recordings

Once you have sung and recorded your first 100 or so recordings, you may find it difficult to go through your entire list to find one that you have saved and want to listen to again.

Two easy ways of finding that song are by using either the Sort function or the Search function under your ACCOUNT>>RECORDINGS page. (Clicking this link opens your recordings page only…no others can see it).

Click the “Search Through Your Recordings” button at the top of the page to enter part or all of a title or artist name. The program will search all of your recordings for all years and return the results.

SingSnap Song Sort Search

Photo Credit: SingSnap Website

If you just want to look for your song alphabetically, you can click on one of the white labels inside the blue strip just above your recordings.

For instance, if you want to sort your list by song title, click the words “Song Title” inside the blue strip, and presto! Your recordings will be listed alphabetically by song title.

Click the words “Song Title” again, and the list will will reverse itself so that it is sorted from Z to A. This makes it helpful to find songs that start with letters in the latter half of the alphabet without scrolling through several pages.

2. Listen to a Full Page of Recordings Back to Back!

If you want to listen to some SingSnap recordings, but just can’t stay at your computer, you can turn up your speakers and listen to the entire Feature Page, or a friend’s recording page, or any of a number of the Watch & Listen pages such as New, Newbies, or Duets.

Scroll to the bottom of any Watch & Listen page, or a member’s Recording Page, and you’ll see a button that says “Play All In Radio Style”. Click that, and sit back and relax…or clean your desk out like you’ve been planning on! SingSnap serves up the entire page as a playlist so you can listen without interruption.

3. Log In With Your Social Media Account

SingSnap Social Login

Photo Credit: SingSnap Website

When logging into SingSnap, you now have the option of one click log in using your Social Media account (Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo).  After signing in the very first time this way to allow SingSnap to link your accounts, all you have to do each time you log in is click the button of your choice and you’re in!

New users can also register new accounts much more quickly with this option as well.

4. Purchase SingSnap Merchandise

Some of you may recall that SingSnap had a Zazzle store for a while. Well, they are bringing it back, and will be offering some really cool merchandise. Yeah, the selection is a bit skimpy right now, but they’ll be ramping it up in the coming weeks. It’s pretty much still in Beta, but if you need a cool iPhone case, head over to the SingSnap Store and see what they have to offer.

5. Find a Ton of Help

SingSnap Help

Photo Credit: SingSnap Website

Wondering how to do something on SingSnap? They have a comprehensive help section with lots of FAQs and tutorials from recording to designing your profile to singing in the chat room and more. Click the HELP tab first to find answers, select a recording or profile page background, or even check the Service Status of the website to see if there are any site problems interfering with your singing.

There are a lot of features that may not be obvious, but by exploring the site and peeking into its corners, I bet you could find even more that you never knew existed!

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