Decorating Your SingSnap Karaoke Recording Pages Just Got Easier

SingSnap Themes

SingSnap Themes

Ever wonder how some people make their recording pages look so cool, or pretty, or funky?  Before now, you either had to know complicated web coding to pull it off, or rely on someone else to build a page for you. SingSnap has now made it super simple to create your own page, your own way.

Why The Change?

You can read all about the changes on the SingSnap site on the Site Layout Changes thread; but to recap:

Security – HTML and CSS codes don’t always, but can sometimes cause security issues if the code is linked to another site that harbors malicious code, or malware. This malware can be fairly benign, or it can be in worse cases, pretty devastating. SingSnap takes great pride in being a virus-free site, and wants to ensure the safety of its members’ systems, and maintain the integrity of its own servers in providing its members a safe browsing environment.

Performance – Heavy designs and coding can, in a lot of cases, cause recordings to load slowly or not at all. The more work your browser has to do to bring up a page, the less it is able to quickly and accurately upload the recording you wish to listen to. This can be extremely problematic for users on slower machines, or slower internet connections. Transitioning to a lighter design style has already improved performance dramatically for a lot of members.

Features – SingSnap is looking forward to bringing some fantastic new features to the membership this year.  They can’t do this, however, until both recording and profile pages are uniform as any features we add not only can, but will, mess up any custom CSS and HTML coding as the SingSnap developers cannot possibly account for all customization. A uniform layout will let them achieve some fun and exciting new features for everyone.

So That’s The Why, But How?

There are two ways you can get beautiful themes on your recordings.

  • Copy and Paste pre-made code.

SingSnap is in the process of creating some stunning themes for your recording pages.  You can find something quickly and easily to fit just about any recording by visiting the Design Codes for Your Recordings page. Here you will see small thumbnails of all of the backgrounds they currently have available.

If you want to see how it will look before you commit, click the link below the image you’re interested in that says Example Recording.

If you decide you like it, simply click directly on the thumbnail image and copy all of the code in the box that pops up.  Go to your recording and click Edit. Paste the code into the Information section. You can still type a message of your choosing, just do it before or after the code.

You can also get a lot of great backgrounds that our own users are creating for others in the Profile & Thread Design forum.

  • Do it yourself.

Want to take a stab at designing a page yourself? It’s really very easy, once you get the hang of it. SingSnap has provided detailed instructions on the Page Designs section under the Help tab. I would recommend that if you have never done this before, or if you are a little overwhelmed by all of the jargon or instructions, to go ahead and copy and paste one of the codes that are pre-made, and then play with the settings within the code.  For instance, you could change just the font color, or the opacity, or even the image itself.

Video Overlays to Complement Backgrounds

I have put together some video overlays that will complement some of the pre-made designs on the Design Codes for Your Recordings page of SingSnap.  Because this area of the blog has grown pretty big already, I have made a new tab called Video Overlays and broken down the images by category. You can either hover over the Video Overlays tab to see the list of categories, or click directly on it to see all the categories listed. This area of The Screeching Cat will expand over time, so check back often.

Bonus For Screeching Kittens

As a bonus for you, my loyal kittens, I have created a theme you can use on your recording pages to show off your love of The Screeching Cat!  Simply copy and paste the following code including all brackets from first to last into your Song Information section.

[background font=Englebert fontColor=#d7ccd2 contentColor=#77717b opacity=70][/background]

You can see a sample copy here:  The Screeching Cat Official SingSnap Page. There is also a video overlay in the Miscellaneous section if you are so inclined. If you DO decide to use either or both of these images, please let me know as I’d love to see them in action.

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Happy Singing!

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